Sam Todd Photographer  - Sam Todd - University College Dublin

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Athletes are some of the most exciting, hard-working and inspiring people in the world. My aim is to capture this.

Sam Todd Photographer  - Sam Todd - University College Dublin

I’m a London-based photographer and director, specialising in sport & lifestyle.

I’ve had the joy of working with some incredible athletes. The stories of these individuals is intoxicating; their hard work and ambition is contagious; it has driven me to push my work further and harder to achieve my career goals. Athletes have a huge influence on the world. They have the power to bring tears of joy or sorrow to a nation. Athletes can unite thousands, their stories and records have a huge place in history. I like to tell real stories, honest and raw, documenting people doing the things they love. I feel working within sport and active lifestyles inspires positive change, be it mental health, physical achievement or just cheering around a telly with friends and family.

My work has a clean aesthetic while still maintaining a level of depth and drama. I understand the complexities of a brief to achieve the best work and love collaborating with everyone, designers, make up artists, stylists and art directors to create work I am proud of.

You’ll most likely find me replacing divots on a golf course, in my garage fixing my 1970s motorbike or sweating it out at the back of a CrossFit class.

Please have a look at my website to see some of my recent work and favourite projects. If you would like to discuss any future work please get in touch.

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Logo - Product design

My Approach

With a background in both sports and fashion, I merge the lighting and positioning techniques from the fashion world with my expertise in capturing movement and the human form in sports. This allows me to deliver premium photography to brands, capturing not only the moment but also the essence of movement. Understanding my client’s brief is crucial to the success of any shoot, and I believe in collaborating with a talented team of lighting assistants, set designers, makeup artists, stylists, and art directors to bring projects to life.

My photography style is documentary-inspired, which allows me to set the scene and let natural movements and emotions unfold organically, resulting in images that feel authentic and genuine. I aim for fast-paced and fun shoots where I can capture the energy and atmosphere present.

I prioritise working with the best teams within the allocated budget, ensuring that the cast aligns with the narrative and vision. I often use real athletes and individuals to add authenticity to the projects. In terms of lighting, I have a deep understanding of how light creates narratives. I shape and contrast light around subjects to add depth and a cinematic feel to my style. While I love natural light, I can recreate it when needed, ensuring it blends seamlessly with the image.

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Currently, I have no representation, and I’m not looking to change that, although feel free to try and convince me otherwise! For projects that need a large team and extensive production, I work with a number of highly talented producers. Together, we ensure that every aspect of the project runs smoothly and professionally, resulting in efficient outcomes. It’s a winning formula that brings out the best in my work!