I’ve had the joy of working with some incredible athletes. The stories of these individuals is inspiring; their hard work and ambition is contagious; it has driven me to push my work further and harder to achieve my career goals. Athletes have a huge influence on the world. They have the power to bring tears of joy or sorrow to a nation. Athletes can unite thousands, their stories and records have a rightful place in history. My work has a clean aesthetic while still maintaining a level of depth and drama. I like to tell real stories, honest and raw, documenting people doing the things they love. I value working within sport, and active lifestyles inspire positive change, be it physical achievement, mental health or just cheering around a telly with friends and family. As for myself, you’ll most likely find me replacing divots on a golf course, featuring as a once-yearly cameo for my local Rugby club or hiding at the back of a CrossFit class.


Key to any successful shoot is understanding the complexities of a client’s brief, and working out how best to deliver it. I’m a firm believer that having the right team around is key to a successful shoot. I’m always looking to collaborate with talented lighting assistants, set designers, make up artists, stylists and art directors to bring a project to life. I like to work in a documentary manner, by setting a scene but then having the confidence to let natural movements and emotions unfold in front of the camera, to give my work its natural feel. Evident in my work, I like shoots to be fast paced and fun, to always capture the energy and atmosphere present in the shoot. Where possible, I like to shoot tethered to monitors, so both the clients and I can review the imagery on set as it is produced. Of course recently I’ve worked on COVID safe environments for clients’ viewing and have now implemented a multiple monitor setup to enable social distancing and easy off-site review.


I like to fit the type of lighting to the shoot and then sculpt it to my style. I’ll generally work with flash when time is tight or we need to travel light. Then when things are slower or when moving images are involved, continuous lighting is key. Having an in-depth knowledge of both allows me to move seamlessly between the two depending on the brief and budget.


More recently I’ve been working more in a director’s role and I love nothing more than working with large teams. Having worked in the industry for the last 10 years I’ve built up a large network of talented and skilled colleagues, and this allows me to regularly work with some of London’s best crews. Directing moving image has become a natural industry progression; after shooting the stills for a campaign I’m then able to stay on set and direct a camera operator to capture the equivalent moving image. This has not only proven to be a time-effective but also cost-saving way to do things.


Are all key to a successful shoot. Budget and brief dependent, I will always look to work with the best teams I can. I like to work with shoot-producers that know and understand my workflow, who are able to bring shoots together on budget. Casting and styling are both so important in making what you are shooting look genuine and unique. When working with models, I like, where possible, to use real athletes, which gives me confidence that  movements are being completed correctly, and in turn gets you an expert in the chosen movement on-set. For Hair and Makeup I like to use people with a background from TV which, I’ve found gives them a speed and accuracy which is unparalleled and this allows things on-set to flow.


I now have studio space easily accessible and located in Brixton. The studio itself is 600sqft of space with 24/h access and is stocked with all my own lighing and other photographic equipment. 

If you’re looking for a photographer on your creative projects, with a studio ready to go, I’d love to hear from you! Drop me an email, or give me a call.