Stay Safe, Stay Fit and lockdown project

As lockdown started I noticed more and more people turning to fitness, using it as an emotional outlet, maybe even becoming a lifeline to some, allowing people time outside away from the stresses of isolation. I knew that the moment restrictions began to lift I wanted to document how people’s training evolved throughout the lockdown period and how in some cases it had inspired others to start.

I started reaching out to people in my local area with the idea that I would photograph people training in public spaces from a safe distance. People’s mental health has been a huge topic of discussion and it seems for all of my subjects training has a played a vital role in helping them though isolation.

“As opposed to running, cycling doesn’t have as many problems with the social distancing rules when out by yourself. Whereas parks are now more than ever packed with joggers and pavements not wide enough for just one walker, cycling is naturally distanced from pedestrians which gives a sense of normality in these strange times. Once the working day is finished, and with the evenings growing longer, it’s possible to extend a ride into the leafy countryside of Kent or Surrey from my home in South London and still be back in time for a cool beer and some well deserved grub. Let alone the 2-3 hours of steady exercise, the escapism itself is worth it for the headspace after being cooped up in a bedroom / office all day.”

– James, Cyclist

Sam Todd Photographer  - Transport - Road Bike
Sam Todd Photographer  - Road Bike - Transport
Sam Todd Photographer  - Road Bike - Triathlon