Ive been sitting on this one a while but I’m really proud to finally share one of the biggest to date. A massive team effort on this one for new imagery shot for Samsung.

Samsung’s in-house creative team reached out to me with an intriguing proposal: they wanted to collaborate on a photoshoot that would feature a range of their products. Typically, each product category, such as Earbuds, Phones, and Watches, is managed by separate marketing teams, often heading in different directions with their respective campaigns. The objective of this project was to create a unified Samsung aesthetic showcasing the products in a sports enviroment that could be applied to promote various products within a single marketing campaign.

Weeks of pre-production, five different shoots, five different locations, 10 different models and a great team.


Production @benbphp

Digi @son.digi @samroystonphoto

Lighting @jacks.lights

Styling @thisisalicesworld

HMU @chloeedwardsmakeup

Props Jonathan Wright

Production assistants Mia Walton, Alicia Stanley

Casting @starkcasting

Retouch @iamaretoucher


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Sam Todd Photographer  - Recreation - ARM Cortex-M
Sam Todd Photographer  - Hairstyle - Hair coloring
Sam Todd Photographer Samsung
Sam Todd Photographer  - Water - Night
Sam Todd Photographer  - Smile - Yellow